Why do you trek?

“Why do you trek?” was a question put to me by a friend. I trek because I want to escape from the civilized world. Because I want to become a child again. Because I want to shed all my social learning. Because I want to lose my identity. Because lush green trails, snow-clad peaks, blue skies, cheering streams, infinite meadows complete me. Because when I close my eyes, all I see is the cluster of pristine white peaks and a faceless shadow on them calling my name.
Don’t know if there is some cosmic connection, but I so crave, yearn, pine, hanker, itch and what not to be near nature, and away from human dwellings. The sight of cluttered crowded chaotic cities puts me off. Kills a part of me. You might call it cynic and sadistic behavior, but that is true. I have lost the faith in human civilization, but I still have faith in an imposing and belligerent cliff. I see myself as a misfit to compete for a living here, but I am well equipped to walk miles and miles into those long and winding trails. The wounds that my spirit and soul have suffered here get some healing while I am on treks.
Meeting new people is never a driver for doing treks because it is the very people that I am running away from. I want the mountains, the skies, the stars to myself. Selfish, but true. Having said that, I also want to say that I have made some awesome friends while on these treks. But on the treks, prefer to be left alone, undistracted and unheeded. While on treks, I just want to hear the ethereal silence, the murmurs of mountains, the melody of the breeze, the song of the streams, the rustling of the leaves, the pitter-patter of rain, the panting of breath, the flutter of my heart and no human sound. Just me and the mother nature in unison. It liberates me-physically, emotionally and spiritually, and fills me with a feeling of deep ecstatic joy and lightness.
A good take away from a trek is that I discover it is so easy and effortless to be happy. Just being there makes you feather light. In our quest for materialistic assets, we have totally forgotten that we are best when we are connected with nature. While on treks you survive hostile conditions, stay in an unhygienic way, overcome challenges, endure physical and mental struggle, cut off from your family and friends but still you enjoy, still you feel in bliss, still, you afford a smile. And yea one more reason that I do treks is that I still believe in fairy tales and I know she is hiding behind those pristine white peaks.


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