The Western Mountains Difference

Regardless of whether it is a photography workshop, wildlife study or specialists in any field identified with travel and outdoors, you’ll appreciate a personalized point of view on the spots you are exploring. We open our ways to all voyagers who have anything to offer us in these regions be it socially or data identified with the spots around, we would treasure them. The western Mountains foundation is in its energy for exploring with a strong desire to comprehend the Western Himalayan region to a more profound level and find new places. Having lived for quite a long while in these regions, we inundate ourselves in these new places alongside knowing the nearby individuals, their customs, cuisines, and lifestyle. We acquire a similar soul on our outings and have a significant and advancing knowledge for our voyagers.

We do our best for you to encounter the place than simply visiting it. From the people you meet, the various traditions, customs and places you stay reflects the authentic beauty of each destination.

We also make a difference when you travel with us, a part of your proceeds is used for our commitment to advocate strong environment protection from saving wildlife, waterways and furthermore fund NGO’s working on the common cause.