Things to Carry for Trek

  1. Trekking shoes – High Ankle length, waterproof, high grip rubber sole shoes. Avoid sports shoes/sneakers. Also, ensure the shoes are broken in (worn and used) before the trek to avoid blisters during the trek.
  2. 2-3 pairs of comfortable clothing (track pants & tee shirts, preferably the quick-drying synthetic type and full sleeve t-shirts).
  3. Full sleeve thick jacket (windproof and water resistant) & Fleece.
  4. A pair of the thermal inner (upper and lower).
  5. 3-4 socks (at least 1 pair of woolen socks).
  6. Balaclava
  7. Woolen &Water proof hand gloves.
  8. A Poncho / Rain gear.
  9. Rucksack /Backpack (40-65L).
  10. Sunglasses (UV protective).
  11. Bandana / Sun hat to cover head.
  12. 2 one liter water bottles/hydration bladders(recommended).
  13. Trekking poles.
  14. Torch/Headlamp with extra batteries.
  15. Sandals / Floaters.
  16. Sunscreen lotion, Moisturizer/Cold Cream, insect repellent & Lip Balm.
  17. Tiffin box, Spoon & Glass.
  18. Personal Medical kit (refer recommended list below).
  19. Personal toiletries kit including toilet paper.
  20. Energy bars / dry fruits.
  21. Whistle.
  22. Daypack / small backpack to offload items – in case you have to offload backpack on mules
  23. Plastic bags to carry wet clothes/waste.
  24. Camera & charger.
  25. Medical Certificate & Disclaimer* (mandatory)
  26. Photo ID original compulsory
  27. Water purifier tabs or if you can buy Aquamira at Amazon great (this would last long for wilderness travel only & it’s little expensive). If you anyone coming from the USA it’s very cheap to get from there.
  28. one small bottle liquid soap
  29. Ziplock plastics for small electronic items like camera and phones.
  30. Medical Kit listed

We wanted to prepare an essential and finite list of medicines, but after further inspection, we realized we cannot give you one fail-safe medical kit. Some trekkers may require extra medication and have health issues we may have overlooked. Names of drugs are also an issue since advertising and brand names may vary from place to place. The recommended medical kit includes the following

  1. Crepe Bandage
  2. Gauze Cloth
  3. Cotton
  4. Band-Aids
  5. ORS
  6. Moov/Volini spray
  7. Anti Nausea meds
  8. Anti Diarrhoea meds
  9. Pain Killers – Dispirin/Aspirin
  10. Cold/Flu Meds
  11. Anti Allergic meds – Avil
  12. Antiseptic cream