Roots Tour – Rural Stay

Have you ever wanted to break free from the mundane routines of life, go beyond the known territories and challenge your limits in the outdoors? Have you a desire to reach out to fellow beings in the far-flung locations on earth and live life their way doing what they do, or bring a meaningful difference in their lives? We, The Western Mountains team, feel that way all the time and The Western Mountains was born with the desire to experience and share this feeling with everybody.

While The Western Mountains is an attempt to keep the passion for outdoors and explorations alive, we also aim at bringing a positive change in the lives of people in the rural villages, as well as our fellow trekkers and travelers. True to its name, Roots constitutes socially responsible and experiential travel programmes to some of the most beautiful, inspiring and remote communities in India. This is an opportunity to form cultural connections with the local communities, be part of responsible practices to conserve the natural and cultural heritage and above all, to discover the forgotten you.

Down the road, we will be launching community projects and volunteer programmes, in which you can spend few days living the lives of people in some of the remotest locations in India – tribals of Nagaland, shepherds of Garhwal, fishermen of Kanyakumari – and make a positive difference in their lives.

We believe that the experience of a different life will make you seek answers to question you never knew existed!