Our Story

The Western Mountains was established with a solid conviction for exploration in Western Himalayan region. A little more than a year back, we wound up noticeably entranced by finding the world through other people’s eyes, our point is to totally document the western mountain regions and to be an open source for individuals to gain in-depth knowledge of the region. We want to work and inspire individuals alongside advocating strong environmental protection among travellers, a part of our earnings from tours is spent on the societal and environmental causes.

Western Mountains traverse the Western Indian Himalayas right now to cater a varied range of interests among explorers today, be it student group, families, tour operators, corporates, schools, clubs, or independent travelers, when you picked us on your campaigns, you’ll appreciate the region like a genuine explorer, dance with local people, sing with them and live like one in your trip alongside all the natural miracles, exotic wildlife and archeological destinations with the vibe of various cultures and neighborhood traditions.

Have you at any point needed to break free from the everyday schedules of life, go past the known domains and test your limits in the outdoors? have you a desire to reach out to fellow beings in the far-flung areas on earth and live their lives doing what they do, or get a significant distinction in their lives? Because of these questions and a heart brimming with energy for testing explorations and encounters, The Western Mountains was born. We are not discussing rich getaways and escape trips from your standard life. We mean intense conditions and back-breaking endeavours. From frostbites to muddy hands to outrageous temperatures, these excursions are intended to break your usual ranges of comfort zone and influence you to understand the enchantment of life past them. We are explorers needing to encounter life first hand. When we abandoned the trappings of modern society and life has been stripped down to the basics, we felt like nothing is missing and we had all the things we ever need. We dragged ourselves out of the comfort zone and kept our heartbeat hustling. Say ‘yes to a person who climbs mountains and voyages. He will influence you to feel incredibly alive’. We at Western Mountains group feel this way all the time and ‘The Western Mountains’ was born with the desire to experience and offer this inclination to everyone.