Our Approach

As a matter of fact, it isn’t ‘About us’, it’s tied in with tuning in to what you need and making an individual experience only for you. Heart beating. Exciting. Reviving. Being Alive! The vitality of travel and disclosure can take you on an enthusiastic exciting ride like no other experience! Also, Western Mountains was born with the want to get you on a front line situate on that crazy ride. We are discussing rugged adventures, socially responsible voyages and trysts with nature in its purest form.

A trek in the Himalayas will abandon you captivated, overpowered and depleted. It will leave you wanting for more. You can never backpedal being a similar individual you were, once you have trekked our direction – resting under the stars in a high mountain villages, trekking to a portion of the world’s stunning pinnacles, getting very close with mountain shepherds, surviving solidifying winds and just to be compensated with the most amazing dawn that you will recollect until the end of time! While The Western Mountains is an endeavour to keep the passion for outdoors and explorations alive, we likewise offer reasonable travel programs for getting a constructive change the lives of individuals in the villages, surroundings, and also our fellow trekkers and explorers.

Down the road, we will dispatch group ventures and volunteer projects, in which you can spend few days living the lives of individuals in a portion of the remotest locations in India and have a significant effect in their lives.

So would you say you are prepared to break free from everyday schedules and test the explorer inside you? Are you prepared to feel the Western Mountains!!