Land Expeditions

Himachal Pradesh

A wonderful land of steep mountains and serene valleys are known for its wildlife, hill stations, and temples. Its rich history dates back to the prehistoric era. The magnificent Dhauladar range covers the state and littered with orchards making it the fruit bowl of the country. An adventurer’s paradise with lofty peaks and plunging rivers. The villages have fairytale architecture and it is the home to his holiness the Dalai Lama. The centuries-old Buddhist monasteries to the north of Lahaul and Spiti have a unique culture and are bliss for every traveler to witness. It’s truly one state with different worlds.


Jammu an active, bustling, busy city is the largest city in the Jammu division situated at the banks of magnificent Tawi River and the winter capital for the state of Jammu and Kashmir. A historical city name that figures in the ancient book of Mahabharata and having evidence of its part in the Harappan Civilization. The Dogra rule built great temples and led an active development prior to Indian independence.

A popular pilgrimage destination for the sacred Vaishno Devi, people flock here from all across the country. The roads from Jammu further leads to Kashmir, Ladakh and other major towns. The weather unlike the other parts of the state is quite warm through the year making your additional jackets for little use. The Serene parts of Kishtwar, Doda, Poonch, Rajouri are least commercialized for tourist activities, Get going and explore the ancient Peer Kho Cave, the sleek Amar Mahal Palace, to the windblown green Bahu Fort, Baghe-e-Bahu garden and the famous Moghul road passing over the Pir Panjal Himalayan range used by Moghul emperors Akbar and Jahangir.


One of nature’s finest creations in the world is Kashmir. The picturesque valley with intense beauty and varied landscape – pristine lakes, colossal mountains, and glaciers, raging rivers, unexplored valleys with its unparallel beauty make it picture perfect. It is the uppermost alpine region of north India and has names like ‘The Last Shangri-la. The Moghuls referred it as a ‘paradise on earth’, and it is rightly called ‘Heaven on earth’ these days. The four seasons are extravagantly beautiful with colorful grasslands, trout-filled crystal clear lakes, Shrines, temples, rich history, culturally and ethnically diverse people has something to offer to every traveler and an adventure seeker. The art and craftsmanship of Kashmiris have a rich heritage and their handicrafts are bought and given as a precious gift around the world. The Sumer capital of the state is Srinagar on the lap of serene Jhelum River with Dal and Nagin lake to enhance its picturesque setting, Be it on foot, bike, raft, kayak, the place has surreal wild places to explore and to top it with the warm welcoming attitude of the locals makes for a land that has something where you could find your adventure and solitude.


Some refer it to the Indian Shangri-La. The Jagged land of high passes, whole aura, the towering Himalayan ranges makes Ladakh a surreal place to be in. The flutter of the prayer flags on the Buddhist monasteries with their spiritual message, winding rivers and little human activity is a stark contrast to the barren cold desert around. It’s the highest plateau of the state and has high motor-able roads running across it. The mighty Indus River, the Siachen glacier, barren mountains-capes, ancient monasteries, clear blue salty lakes attract tourists from around the world. Ladakhis are ethnically diverse with Tibetan/Aryan influence and are self-sufficient in their survival and have high ecological awareness setting a good example for others to follow. The place is tailor-made for the adventure seekers, people seeking solitude or are on a spiritual journey.