Some refer it to the Indian Shangri-La. The Jagged land of high passes, whole aura, the towering Himalayan ranges makes Ladakh a surreal place to be in. The flutter of the prayer flags on the Buddhist monasteries with their spiritual message, winding rivers and little human activity is a stark contrast to the barren cold desert around. It’s the highest plateau of the state and has high motor-able roads running across it. The mighty Indus River, the Siachen glacier, barren mountains-capes, ancient monasteries, clear blue salty lakes attract tourists from around the world. Ladakhis are ethnically diverse with Tibetan/Aryan influence and are self-sufficient in their survival and have high ecological awareness setting a good example for others to follow. The place is tailor-made for the adventure seekers, people seeking solitude or are on a spiritual journey.


By choosing Ladakh travel Packages offered by Discover Ladakh Adventure Tours and Travel, you get to flavor the real taste of Leh and Ladakh in terms of the astounding beauty of landscape and charm of cultures. Be it the camping on the shore of Pangong lake in Ladakh, biking on the Khardung la pass, trekking the rugged terrain and rafting on the rapid waters of the Indus River, every adventure in Ladakh is adrenaline-pumping and heart-thumping.